Top 4 Foods For Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

We have all heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” This phrase runs so common in the health industry and can virtually get applied to any disease/condition anyone has.

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids is no exception to this…

Truth is, diet does play a role when it comes to hemorrhoid pain relief. However, eating the correct foods it can only take you so far…

but hey! Any help is better than none right!

Without further more, the following are the top 4 foods we can eat to help relieve hemorrhoid pain:

Foods for Hemorrhoids Pain Relief

  1. Beans-These can be virtually any kind of bean: kidney, pinto, lima, or black beans. Just 1/2 a cup is enough to cover about a third for your daily need of fiber(doctors recommend 26-30 grams of fiber per day). Try adding beans to your common daily meals, such as soup or salads.
  2.  Fruits-You can almost never go wrong with plant foods. Fruits such Foods for Hemorrhoids Pain Reliefas apples, bananas, oranges, and berries have as much as 3-4 grams of fiber which is already over 10% of your daily requirement. BONUS TIP: eat the peels from apples. This is where most of the fiber is located. Always have some type of fruit lying around in your home and/or work.
  3. Vegetables-By now you are most likely seeing a trend when it comes to foods helping you Foods for Hemorrhoid Pain Reliefwith hemorrhoids…they all have LOTS of fiber. Truth is, adding fiber to your diet will help soften your stool, which can reduce vowel movement pain. Vegetables are no stranger to fiber. I recommend dark-colored vegetables since these have the most fiber: beets, carrots, and broccoli are all excellent choices. Adding veggies to your diet is extremely easy. A side of veggies can be added to virtually every type of meal.
  4. Water-Did you really think I was just going to mention foods with fiber?! What many doctors consider to be Foods for Hemorrhoid Pain Reliefhealthiest drink in the world (thank you captain obvious…), water has SO many benefits in all aspects of health, not only hemorrhoids. However, when it comes to our painful vowel movement events, water helps avoiding constipation which ultimately makes toilet visits much more pleasant.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind, that all these foods will help with your hemorrhoids, but these are considered long term remedies…

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