Top Foods NOT to eat for Hemorrhoids Relief

Earlier, I posted an article listing the top 4 foods that help with hemorrhoids relief. If you haven’t seen it yet, then click here ==>Top 4 Foods For Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

I had a few readers ask me, “But Taylor, what about the BAD kind of foods?”

Today is your lucky day my friend…

If you have hemorrhoids pain, avoid these foods AT ALL COSTS!!

  1. White Bread-This type of bread has little to no fiber, which in return causes constipation. Big no no for hemorrhoids!Hemorrhoids Pain Relief Treatement Food not to eatHemorrhoid Pain Relief Foods not to eat
  2. Milk, Cheese, and Dairy-Just like white bread, these type of foods do not have any fiber in them. Some of them cause inflammation in your body, which in return makes hemorrhoids even worse.
  3. Alcohol-If your hemorrhoids itch or hurt, I highly recommend lowering your alcohol intake. Drinking excessively causes irritation in your gut. This irritation is highly responsible for your hemorrhoids itching and hurting.Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Treatment Top Foods not to eat




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